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Hoka One One Carbon X 3

Hoka One One Carbon X 3
Hoka One One Carbon X 3 are neutral racing running shoes.
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The Hoka One One Carbon X 3 insists on its model of shoe with a carbon fiber plate in its particular way since its "advantage" may not respond to the expectations created. Not using a more evolved midsole compound and the fact that the plate is not a kind of "lever" (as in the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2 for example) but "only" providing a considerable rigidity to the set can cause some disappointment, especially thinking about those They have paid an exorbitant price for them. Note that they are undoubtedly a great product for those who know what they are buying: lightness, abundant cushioning, easy heeling, the famous Meta-Rocker™ configuration with 5 mm drop and good stability are no small feat.

Indeed the biggest change from its predecessor Carbon X 2 is an upper cut made of a woven mesh that not only plays with its density depending on the area to offer more or less support or ventilation but also does with the colors that for some reason it has become fashionable to wear strident colors, being one more factor in the purchase decision. The strip that protrudes from the tongue to adjust it well is striking, but the same functionality is missing in the back, where we will have to settle for the timid elevation of the shoe itself to help put it on, something that will surprise fans. triathlon enthusiasts.

Although externally it looks very similar, the truth is that there are some novelties in the impressive midsole of the Hoka One One Carbon X 3. Maintaining the familiar Meta-Rocker™ geometry with the rear extension (SwallowTail™), a layer of PROFLY™ is incorporated into the upper part. softer that should improve both ride comfort and responsiveness, a promise that is not the first time that appears when the brand launches a new model. The sole remains intact, which means that the vulcanized EVA solution is performing well and does not need any changes at the moment. Let's go for a run.

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